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Spinnova cooperates with Renewcell to scale circular fashion

The cooperation is a remarkable step towards addressing the industry’s growing textile waste problem, while setting new standards for sustainable textile fibre production.

Spinnova collaborates with Hyères-awarded Finnish designer Sofia Ilmonen

Spinnova and Sofia Ilmonen presented a collaborative collection made with innovative, wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre. The collection is transformable, meaning that multiple garments can be created from the same modules.

Spinnova partners with Nordic outdoor brand Halti

Finnish outdoor brand Halti has revealed the first product made from SPINNOVA® fibre. The water resistant and windproof Cyclus unisex parka jacket is made from SPINNOVA® fibre and cotton and has been dyed with imogo’s hi-precision dyeing technology. The parka is available for purchase in April 2023.

BESTSELLER brand JACK & JONES brings their first SPINNOVA® product to the stores

BESTSELLER’s largest brand, JACK & JONES has introduced a pair of men’s trousers available for consumer sales. The trousers, called Bill Revolver Wide Chinos, are made of 20% SPINNOVA® fibre, 20% BCI cotton and 60% organic cotton, and are available online with a global reach.

Wearing change

Climate change is the number-one concern among young people. Concurrently, youth is the ideal time to explore identity through clothing — a guilty pleasure for the environmentally conscious set. We wanted to give this generation a platform to discuss what keeps them up at night, what brings them hope and how they intend to make a difference. We met a cross-section of youth in Helsinki, heard their thoughts and focused on what they think can be done on the government, corporate and individual levels to enact change.

Marimekko releases capsule collection made with responsible SPINNOVA® fiber

Finnish design house Marimekko and Finnish sustainable textile material company Spinnova present their capsule collection, which contains the first ever commercially available printed products made using responsible SPINNOVA® fiber. The capsule collection combines Spinnova’s innovative technology with Marimekko’s art of printmaking.

adidas TERREX HS1 hoodie made with SPINNOVA® available in stores

The adidas TERREX HS1 mid-layer hoodie, announced in February, is available for consumers online and in select retail outlets from July 15th onwards. Made in part with Spinnova’s technology, at least 30% of the hoodie’s fabric comes from wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre, the hoodie is the first commercial product from Spinnova and adidas’ collaboration.

Our mission

We produce the most sustainable textile materials in the world for the benefit of the environment and humanity.

By doing so we will transform the raw material base of the entire global textile industry for the better.

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