Hyères-awarded Finnish designer presents a collection made with wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre

NEWS | 29.05.2023

Finnish designer Sofia Ilmonen presented a collaborative collection made with innovative, wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre. The collection was presented at Woodspin’s factory opening, the first commercial-scale facility producing SPINNOVA®.

The fabric in all garments is 20% SPINNOVA® and 80% cotton, including the shoes. The navy-colored fabric has been woven in Finland and dyed with reactive dyeing and treated with enzyme treatment. The collection is transformable, meaning that multiple garments can be created from the same modules.

”This collection demonstrates how a circular, wood-based fibre can be woven into something delicate and elegant. Working with Spinnova’s sustainable fibre is a dream collaboration for me,” designer Sofia Ilmonen says.

Spinnova | Sofia Ilmonen

The garments presented at Woodspin’s factory opening are designed from 6-16 modules, creating three different silhouettes. The mini collection was inspired by the material itself enhanced with Sofia’s feminine aesthetics. The modular structure enables the clothes to be sizeless and the concept also follows a zero waste pattern cutting method.

”The design enables longevity for garments, which is a shared value between the designer Sofia Ilmonen and Spinnova. In addition to being created from sustainable fibres, future garments can also be adjusted to create different silhouettes,” says Spinnova’s global brand director Diana Balanescu.

Spinnova | Sofia Ilmonen

In 2021, Sofia Ilmonen was awarded the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize at Hyères international fashion & photography festival, and her work is known for the innovative, modular approach.

Woodspin is a joint venture between technology provider and brand Spinnova and raw material provider Suzano. The factory is located in Jyväskylä, Finland.